Next date: May 29th to June 2nd, 2024

Winter's festival

Behind the eyes, seeing 


According to Satyaprem, “meditation is not about shutting the mind, it is about putting it aside”. Yes, you have searched in your relationships, in your work, in therapy and every trip you take, but you have not been successful because the fundamental key has not been moved. First you need to know who you are, and from there you will soon be able to see the origin of all the suffering, of all the mistakes. 

In this meeting, under the cold winter climate, the invitation is to turn inward. Beyond words, beyond sensations, thoughts and feelings there is an inherent, untouchable seeing.  


Our mistake, which is the cause of all our suffering, is that we are focused on events, while the great secret is in the to see. Identified with what appears and disappears, you suffer. When you see what you see, an ocean of infinite possibilities opens up and you begin to relate to the world from another perspective, from within.    

Practical information

• With the exception of the first night, when the first meeting takes place after dinner, around 9 pm, satsangs take place every day at noon and 6 pm.   

• A June party will warm up the penultimate night of the meeting. 

• At this time of year, the most common thing is that we are already in the period of coldest days in this region. But we always recommend checking the weather forecast before your trip, as we have had Winter Festivals that include swimming in the pool.  

• If you wish, internet access will be available. 

• Sítio Leela is approximately 100 km from Porto Alegre. Plan your arrival at Salgado Filho airport and contact us to schedule the transfer. 

Prices and Accommodation

Registration includes meetings with Satyaprem, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accommodation from 6pm on May 29th until breakfast on June 2nd.

Prices will vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen.

It is possible to participate in the entire retreat or book by night.

Previous retreats


– In case of partial participation, the daily prices include the schedule relating to the 24-hour stay on the site.

• Payment methods are:

— Bank transfer/PIX

— Cash: Real, Dollar, Euro (check the exchange rate with us before the event)

— Credit card (subject to operator fees)

— International transactions are also subject to carrier fees

— It is possible to pay in up to 4 installments. If necessary, contact us for further installments.

• In case of cancellation, please notify us by March 17th. In this case, half of the reservation amount will be refunded or used for a future event. If you communicate to us after this date, there will be no refund.

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• We do not provide bed linen and towels. But you can request it by paying the fee of R$110.

• All bedrooms have pillows and blankets.

• We prepare your room for your arrival, however, you are responsible for its maintenance during the retreat.

• We appreciate your care in not smoking in the rooms or in nearby areas. As well as respecting spaces and moments of rest and silence.

• We share all common areas, animals (swimming pool, lake, river, garden, horses, living room with pool table and Wi-Fi connection.

• Without following any fixed eating pattern, Sítio Leela transitions in a balanced way between vegetables and some types of meat, offering us a balanced cuisine.

• Your registration includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and evening tea. At LeelaBar you can buy drinks and some snack options at alternative times.

• Our kitchen does not commit to any specific diet. However, we can offer alternatives according to your needs, for the three main meals. Desserts and snacks will be out of this demand. In case of restrictions, we suggest that you bring snacks/sweets according to your diet.

• Confirm your presence by paying in advance
— In case of a room with a shared bathroom, the amount to be deposited is: R$ 500
— In the case of a suite, the amount to be deposited is: R$ 1,000

• This amount will be deducted from your registration total.

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